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Dental Services

Your teeth vary in shape and size depending on their position within your mouth. These differences allow the teeth to do many different jobs, like biting, cutting and chewing food.

Teeth help us to eat and digest food, as well as to talk, and to pronounce different sounds clearly.

Finally, teeth and the bone supporting them help to give our face its shape.

A healthy smile can be a great asset and because this is so important, it makes sense to give your and your children's teeth the best chance and care possible.

At the neem tree we provide a wide variety of preventive, cosmetic and restorative treatments to make sure that all your needs are satisfied and you leave our practice satisfied, confident and smiling.

Mercury has been linked with many neurological diseaes like Chronic fatigue syndrome, MS and Alzheimers diease to name a few. At the neem tree, we will offer to remove your mercury amalgams, but will not place any mercury in your mouth.

We offer the whole array of dental services at The Neem Tree, including:

• Dental Check Up's
• Dental Hygiene
• Mercury free Fillings
• Root Canal Therapy
• Crowns
• Bridges and Dentures
• Dental Implants
• Veneers
• Teeth Whitening
• Periodontal treatments
• Orthodontic treatments

For further details on the services available at each of our practices, please visit the following.

Esher Dental Services
Wandsworth Dental Services