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Marionette Lines

  • improve facial appearance
  • anti-aging effect
  • softens sad & angry look

Avg. treatment time

20 minutes

No. of treatments



Numbing cream

Recovery time

24-48 hours

Duration of results

6-12 months

Many middle aged people wonder how to get rid of Marionette lines. These are the lines on the side of the mouth (puppet lines). These stubborn wrinkles are a result of loss of elastin and collagen.

Dermal fillers as well as anti-wrinkle injections can help these lines. This is sometimes called a ‘Liquid facelift’ as it offers many of the benefits of a surgical facelift without the painful downtime.

Obviously different cases require different intervention. If you can pinch more than an inch along the jawline, then surgery should be a consideration.

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Marionette Lines
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