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Nose Reshaping

Non surgical nose job

  • improve facial profile
  • safe, non invasive alternative
  • almost instant results

Avg. treatment time

20 minutes

No. of treatments



Numbing cream

Recovery time

24-48 hours

Duration of results

6-12 months

This is for those not interested in the invasive, surgical ‘nose job’.  Another term for this is non surgical Rhinoplasty.

Injectable fillers work to smooth out humps and bumps and sometimes breathing issues can also be corrected. It’s an affordable option for one of the most requested cosmetic procedures with little or no downtime. There is comparatively very little pain, immediate results and only moderate swelling on day 2.

Clearly, different cases require different intervention. If you can avoid surgery and its associated downtime and the reshaping needed is minimal, this is a great solution.

Get in touch with one of our Aesthetic team to find out more about our non-surgical solutions today.

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Nose reshaping
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