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What is beauty?

22/06/2017 Health tips
An image of a beautiful lips describing each part

The world that we live in makes it hard not to judge the way people look. There is something about beautiful people that attracts our attention. In an Instragram/celebrity world you start to wonder; what is beauty?

Scientists have researched this in great detail.

It is all about symmetry and averages. For example the distance between a woman’s eyes effects whether she is considered beautiful. When looking at an attractive smile the proportions and symmetry are a big factor. If teeth are too small and uneven we would not see them as attractive. If you are not born with the ideal smile, there are so many ways to achieve it.


Teeth are a major factor when looking at the attractiveness of a smile

You need to look at:
1. Colour – A bright lighter smile will help to hide any imperfections.

2. Alignment – Teeth being in the correct position not only look better but they help support your face better. A well aligned broad arch will give the patient a full attractive smile.

3. Shape – Symmetrical teeth that are in proportion and follow your smile line help create an attractive smile. Treatment such as porcelain veneers, Composite bonding and ceramics can be used if your natural teeth do not have this.

Take a look at these well-known celebs and see the difference a great smile can have.


The lips serve as a frame for your teeth and show your expression. Having your upper and lower lips in proportion will help create that perfect frame for a beautiful smile. Dermal fillers are a way to add volume and fullness to the lips.

By looking at your lips you are able to see what is not in proportion.

These are the areas that you can enhance with dermal fillers


Dermal fillers are great for:

  • Plumping thinning lips. Enhancing lip volume. Improving lip definition
  • Reducing lines at the corner of the mouth
  • Reducing smokers lines


The ideal smile will show the margin of your upper teeth only. A gummy smile can be caused by:

  • Over-developed elevation muscle of the upper lip
  • The upper lip and the gums are joined too closely
  • Excess gum tissue

The treatment for this can vary from non-surgical fillers to a surgical gum lift.

Creating the ideal shaped crown in height and width to given the best aesthetics and symmetry


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