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Teeth missing. Now what? Dentures or implants?

11/06/2018 Restorative Dentistry
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What is the first thing you notice about a person? Their smile? Their eyes? Teeth? Well, what if one of those three is holding you back from letting people notice you? Having good teeth is a priority for many people, and bad dental health is a turn off for even more.

Not replacing those missing teeth can exacerbate existing problems and lead to a wide range of problems, including but not limited to: altered speech, eating problems and further strain on the remaining teeth. The main benefit of both implants and dentures are eradicating the above issues as well as the transformative effect they can have on people’s confidence.

This transformative effect has not gone unnoticed, with implants being seen as the best replacement for missing teeth dentistry can provide.

There are many viable options out there when it comes to tooth replacement; both permanent fixtures and removable dentures. The dental implant market is expanding due to a growing aesthetic awareness and ageing population. Rapid innovation in this sector have seen outdated practices, such as dental bridges surpassed by dental implants and dentures as a solution for missing teeth, whether this is due to age or accident & trauma.


Implants have risen in popularity recently and it is not hard to see why: the possibility of restoring the function of missing teeth and blending into your existing natural teeth seamlessly.

Advancements in dental implant technology have also meant that they are faster, easier and more straightforward to perform. Healing is faster and less problematic and the majority of patients feel very little pain during and after the procedure.

The titanium body of an implant integrates with the jaw bone over time, is long lasting and has the added benefit of reacting well to bone and tissue. Looked after properly, these implants can last for several years to a lifetime. Scientific research shows they tend to last longer than a number of other dental tooth replacement options. Furthermore, aesthetically, dental implants are not noticeable; due to the metal being hidden within the tooth,

Whilst dental implants can be costly, the price takes into account: surgery, materials, technical expertise, facilities, consultation and aftercare. However, at the same time they are far more cost effective as they last longer thus reducing the future cost of further dental work. They are also a fantastic option for any age range, as they can help the other teeth from drifting and maintain the dental bone.


Dentures are often seen as an option for older generations, however, it is important to break down the stigma surrounding them. Many successful and professional people, of all age ranges, wear dentures and it is essential to find the right solution for you; the stigma of dentures should not deter you if your dentist advises them as the best option.

They are the preferred option for multiple tooth replacement and as well as the benefits listed above, your dentist will create a bespoke denture contoured to the shape of your gum for optimal comfort. Not only can they improve your dental and oral health, but psychological well being. Many dentists finding that their patients self-esteem and confidence vastly improved once fitted with a bespoke set of dentures.

Dentures are created from a natural gum coloured base, whilst the inner part can be made of metal to provide strength to the denture and avoid fracture. Natural suction keeps the dentures in place and while glue can keep dentures in place, should they become loose, your dentist can adjust them. Dentures can also have clasps applied in order to attach them to the teeth.

Unlike implants, they are not permanently attached to the jaw and therefore, there can be some movement and it may take time to get used to them; however, this can also mean that dentures need to be replaced over time. Therefore, while they are a cheaper option initially, but due to replacement and maintenance, the cost of replacement can add up.

The Neem Tree dental clinic offers both options above and are committed to finding the best solution for each patient. Using cutting edge technology and 3D CBCT scans, they will fit and carry out the best treatment for your dental requirements.

All of these treatments can be done at the Neemtree by one of our fantastic clinicians. Call the practice today and will happily talk through any concerns you may have about your smile.

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