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What is Composite Bonding?

Cosmetic Dentistry | 15 Jun 2022

Composite bonding is an affordable way to achieve the smile you are dreaming of. It’s a cosmetic procedure that can be used to fix chipped, discoloured, or fractured teeth. 

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Whitening Teeth from Home

Teeth whitening has got very popular over the last couple of years. Just because the market is oversaturated, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for you to go with any home teeth whitening kits that your favourite influencer gets paid to promote.  More and more people are paying for brighter and whiter teeth. But […]

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Whitening Teeth at Home During Lockdown

Cosmetic Dentistry | 08 Jan 2021

The time has come again where you should stay at home and keep your distance from all other humans while only leaving the house for only a few excusable reasons. Well guess what? Going to the dentist is an excusable reason! So, if you really want a smile makeover this lockdown and get whiter teeth, […]

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What is a Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic Dentistry | 30 Sep 2020

Here at The Neem Tree we specialise in smile makeovers for the entire family! That can include general, routine and preventative dentistry for everyone. A smile makeover can be a variety of treatments combined  together to give you the best smile possible or even just one treatment to completely transform your teeth and smile. A […]

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Why Now is the Time to Straighten Teeth!

Have you always thought about straightening your smile but there has never been the perfect time? If you are someone who has always wanted to straighten your teeth but is a bit self conscious about the way you may look with braces, right now is the best time to get braces and this blog will […]

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