Category: General Dentistry

Looking After Your Dentures

General Dentistry | Hygiene | 02 Sep 2021

How to clean your removable dentures Whether you have removable partial or complete dentures, it is important that you keep them clean, so they last as long as possible and continue looking their best.  For good denture care:  Make sure to handle your dentures carefully Be sure then when inserting and removing your dentures you […]

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Pregnancy and Gum Disease

General Dentistry | Health tips | 17 May 2021

Pregnancy changes many hormones in the body which can affect the health of both your teeth and gums. These hormones make some women more at risk of tooth decay and gum problems including Gingivitis.  Some women get swollen or sore gums that may also bleed during their pregnancy. Although bleeding gums could also be a […]

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Tooth decay in children

Unfortunately, every child is at risk of tooth decay which is why it is important to get your child into a good tooth cleaning routine as soon as their first tooth appears. Children’s baby teeth are more at risk of decay than most people realise. Unfortunately there has been a rise in tooth decay in […]

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Mouthwash DO’s and DON’Ts

General Dentistry | Health tips | 21 Apr 2021

It is important to recognise that currently, no mouthwash is a substitute for routine oral hygiene measures. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is a MUST in your dental care routine, neither of which should be switched out for anything. However, if you would like to add mouthwash or a mouth rinse to your […]

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What is Pinhole Gum Grafting?

General Dentistry | 14 Jan 2021

There are many things a lot of people dread hearing when we have to go to the dentist and one of those most daunting things can undoubtedly bee being told that the only way to resolve your receding gums is to have your teeth removed and replaced with dentures. This isn’t the sort of news […]

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Looking Forward to 2021

General Dentistry | 21 Dec 2020

We’re approaching the 2020 finish line and as we are reaching the end of the year, it is difficult not to reflect on what a year it has been. Through two lockdowns and global pandemic, this year has undoubtedly been a hard one. For me personally, lockdown was stressful, worrying if the practice would survive, […]

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Having a Tooth Pulled: What to Expect

General Dentistry | 09 Nov 2020

You may be in the circumstance that you are told that you need to have one or more teeth pulled. Tooth extraction is simply the removal of a tooth by a dental specialist. Many people can get very scared about this procedure. However, in reality, having a tooth pulled is not painful and is a […]

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The Neem Tree welcomes Dominic Raab!

General Dentistry | 28 Aug 2020

Recently, our practice in Esher was delighted to welcome the Local MP and Foreign Secretary, Mr Dominic Raab, to the dental chair! We promise there’s a big Neem Tree smile under the mask!

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