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What is gum disease?

Health tips | 02 Sep 2021

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place. It is very common for adults in the UK to have gum disease and it is less common in children. Gum disease causes a person’s gums to become swollen, sore or infected due to their poor oral hygiene routine. This refers […]

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Substance abuse effects on teeth

Health tips | 01 Sep 2021

Quick Read Drugs not only have negative effects on your health, they can also cause tooth damage. It is important to disclose the drugs you are taking to your dentist. Some drugs, including prescription medication can offset a condition called ‘dry mouth’, which significantly increases the risk of tooth decay. Smoking increases your risks significantly […]

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Whitening Teeth from Home

Teeth whitening has got very popular over the last couple of years. Just because the market is oversaturated, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for you to go with any home teeth whitening kits that your favourite influencer gets paid to promote.  More and more people are paying for brighter and whiter teeth. But […]

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Is Sparkling Water Bad for Teeth?

Health tips | 09 Jul 2021

By now you should know that although a lot of drinks including sodas, juices and caffeine drinks can all be damaging to your teeth. However, while they all have the potential to be quite harmful to your teeth, they are all perfectly fine if they are consumed in moderation and paired with a good and […]

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Pregnancy and Gum Disease

General Dentistry | Health tips | 17 May 2021

Pregnancy changes many hormones in the body which can affect the health of both your teeth and gums. These hormones make some women more at risk of tooth decay and gum problems including Gingivitis.  Some women get swollen or sore gums that may also bleed during their pregnancy. Although bleeding gums could also be a […]

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COVID-19 and Gum Disease

The rise of Covid-19 has meant that a cough or even the slightest tingle in your throat will surge feelings of worry and paranoia as many of us get scared that those may be the onset symptoms of Covid-19. There is no doubt that Covid-19 affects your health in many ways, but what about your […]

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Do I Have To Floss?

Health tips | 23 Apr 2021

Proper oral hygiene can help keep your breath fresh and your teeth and gums healthy, this could also help prevent periodontal disease. What many people don’t realise is flossing is a very important part of your routine but somehow many people ignore this step the most. This article will help you realise why flossing is […]

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Tooth decay in children

Unfortunately, every child is at risk of tooth decay which is why it is important to get your child into a good tooth cleaning routine as soon as their first tooth appears. Children’s baby teeth are more at risk of decay than most people realise. Unfortunately there has been a rise in tooth decay in […]

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Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Health tips | Hygiene | 22 Apr 2021

Chewing gum could in fact be good for your teeth. The right kind that is….  Nowadays, many dentists will recommend chewing gum during the day in order to reduce the bacteria in your mouth that contributes to causing cavities. Many studies have shown that chewing gum is extremely effective at trapping and removing harmful bacteria […]

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Mouthwash DO’s and DON’Ts

General Dentistry | Health tips | 21 Apr 2021

It is important to recognise that currently, no mouthwash is a substitute for routine oral hygiene measures. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is a MUST in your dental care routine, neither of which should be switched out for anything. However, if you would like to add mouthwash or a mouth rinse to your […]

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