Category: Hygiene

Importance of Flossing

Health tips | Hygiene | 07 Apr 2020

So you’re smart, you knew that the Coronavirus was deadly and you stocked up. You have a whole closet full of toilet roll and 3 cupboards full of pasta. But it’s now two weeks into lockdown, it’s 4am, you’re ready to get ready for bed and that’s when you suddenly realise… your floss has run […]

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The Best Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Health tips | Hygiene | 03 Jan 2019

It’s no fun when you bite into an ice cream and suffer the tell-tale pain of sensitive teeth. The pain may be temporary but it’s still a big problem. The good news is that there are solutions for sensitive teeth. Sensitivity does not go away altogether, but it can be relieved. Looking after your teeth, […]

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