Category: Hygiene

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Health tips | Hygiene | 15 Sep 2021

Keeping your mouth, gums and teeth healthy with a great oral health routine is an important part of managing your diabetes. If you have diabetes, it is quite likely that you may have prolonged high blood glucose levels. This may increase your risk of oral health problems, such as gum disease. It is important to […]

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Looking After Your Dentures

General Dentistry | Hygiene | 02 Sep 2021

How to clean your removable dentures Whether you have removable partial or complete dentures, it is important that you keep them clean, so they last as long as possible and continue looking their best.  For good denture care:  Make sure to handle your dentures carefully Be sure then when inserting and removing your dentures you […]

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COVID-19 and Gum Disease

The rise of Covid-19 has meant that a cough or even the slightest tingle in your throat will surge feelings of worry and paranoia as many of us get scared that those may be the onset symptoms of Covid-19. There is no doubt that Covid-19 affects your health in many ways, but what about your […]

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Tooth decay in children

Unfortunately, every child is at risk of tooth decay which is why it is important to get your child into a good tooth cleaning routine as soon as their first tooth appears. Children’s baby teeth are more at risk of decay than most people realise. Unfortunately there has been a rise in tooth decay in […]

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Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Health tips | Hygiene | 22 Apr 2021

Chewing gum could in fact be good for your teeth. The right kind that is….  Nowadays, many dentists will recommend chewing gum during the day in order to reduce the bacteria in your mouth that contributes to causing cavities. Many studies have shown that chewing gum is extremely effective at trapping and removing harmful bacteria […]

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A Tooth Friendly Easter 2021

Health tips | Hygiene | 04 Mar 2021

It’s nearly April and that means that the season of chocolate eggs is upon us. From a dental perspective, that means another festive season that consists of many sugary treats for both children and adults alike. Looks like this Easter will be a somewhat normal one. Easter is slowly creeping up on us by flooding […]

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Importance of Flossing

Health tips | Hygiene | 07 Apr 2020

So you’re smart, you knew that the Coronavirus was deadly and you stocked up. You have a whole closet full of toilet roll and 3 cupboards full of pasta. But it’s now two weeks into lockdown, it’s 4am, you’re ready to get ready for bed and that’s when you suddenly realise… your floss has run […]

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The Best Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Health tips | Hygiene | 03 Jan 2019

It’s no fun when you bite into an ice cream and suffer the tell-tale pain of sensitive teeth. The pain may be temporary but it’s still a big problem. The good news is that there are solutions for sensitive teeth. Sensitivity does not go away altogether, but it can be relieved. Looking after your teeth, […]

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