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dental imaging technology

High quality CT Scan

  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Faster results
  • Minimum exposure

Avg. treatment time

10-20 minutes



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Three dimensional dental scanning has revolutionised the quality of diagnosis and improved the efficiency of subsequent treatment. Dental CBCT (cone beam computerised tomography) has paved the way for more reliable and predictable surgical dentistry.

This technology produces a 3 dimensional images of the teeth and jaws and can help plan dental extractions alongside implant placement. At the neem tree we are proud to offer this service to our patients and dental colleagues alike.

The Soredex CRANEX 3D dental scanner has 3 functions which include the OPG (Panoral) panoramic technology,  Cephalometric imaging & CBCT scanning. It is a versatile and very powerful diagnostic tool for both 2D & 3D imaging. The CRANEX™ 3D technology has set the standard for cutting-edge high quality dental imaging. Versatile full panoramic image size and accuracy photos with excellent quality, combined with Cone Beam 3D and cephalometric options make imaging easy and accurate.

The CT scan unit supports advanced stable patient positioning, an efficient workflow and most importantly precise diagnoses. This is dynamic imaging at a whole new level, giving your dental care team the ability to customise your treatment for your maximum comfort.


CBCT imaging helps to provide essential dental information for orthodontic treatment and diagnostics. The effect of dental deformities on a treatment plan is difficult to estimate with 2D images, so this is when the CBCT scan is needed.

Low radiation

The technology is also used for follow-up imaging and screening due to the very low level of patient dose. Some of the main application areas are implant planning, children’s dentistry, wisdom teeth, location of impacted teeth, general follow-up and nose bone fractures.

Main areas of application

  • Implant planning
  • Endodontics
  • Dental bone fractures
  • Root fillings
  • Wisdom teeth
  • 3rd molars
  • Maxilla sinus
  • Abnormal anatomy
  • Caries

Key Features

  • Excellent image quality
  • Top performance
  • Stable head support
  • Fast scanning
  • Superior image processing
  • Reconstruction Algorithm Technology
  • RealPAN Panoramic and CMOS sensor
  • Minimising exposure settings
  • Cone Beam 3D imaging

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