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Maternal Dental Health

Maternal Dental Health

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Maternal Dental Health
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Importance of Maternal Dental Health & Pregnancy

Good maternal dental health is vital for the overall health of both baby and mother. Appetite and hormonal changes during pregnancy can also have a significant effect on maternal dental health. There are various oral conditions associated with pregnancy, therefore, taking good care of your teeth and gums is essential. Regular brushing, flossing, maintaining a balanced diet and also visiting the dentist will help in preventing any dental problems that may appear throughout the duration of pregnancy.

Dental Treatment & X-Rays during Pregnancy

It is advised to see your dentist before the pregnancy to in order to carry out any outstanding treatment required. In addition, routine dental treatment is best avoided in the first and third trimesters and any major procedures postponed until after the baby is born, unless of course there is an emergency.

Advances in technology have made dental X-rays much safer and the use of lead aprons during x-rays can reduce the radiation to mother and baby. Nevertheless, X-rays are usually avoided in the first trimester and only taken if absolutely necessary.

Diet during Pregnancy

It is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy for the health of both baby and mother. Avoiding sugary cravings is important as they can eventually result in tooth decay. Try and maintain a healthy diet including nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables containing all the important vitamins and minerals for both baby and mother.

Vitamin C is important to maintain healthy gums and an effective immune system for mother. Baby’s teeth start forming 6 weeks into pregnancy, vitamin D and calcium will help produce healthy teeth in addition to strong bones. Multivitamins are a very good source of some of the key vitamins and minerals and can complement a balanced diet, you can ask your midwife for further advice on this.

Visiting the Dentist during Pregnancy

Maternal dental health care is vital throughout the duration of pregnancy for a variety of reasons. It is therefore recommended that a full dental check-up is carried out prior to becoming pregnant in order to complete any outstanding dental treatment as required. Although carrying out dental treatment is possible during pregnancy, it is best avoided, especially in the first and third trimesters.

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