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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

General dentistry

Root Canal Treatment
  • relief of pain
  • removal of infection
  • restoration of tooth

Avg. treatment time

2 hours



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When a tooth is decayed, infected or fractured the small deeper nerves of the teeth can become irritated and eventually they can get damaged. This can result in the classical dental pain which can be felt and let’s face it, its pretty awful.

Root Canal Treatment at the Neem Tree

At the neem tree, our main goal is to get you out of discomfort as painlessly and quickly as possible by cleaning out the root canal where the nerve is located and then by placing a unique filling material into the canal to ensure infection does not return. Through this method the tooth can be saved and then restored back to its normal function.

Occasionally the root canals can be challenging to negotiate, but our in-house expert clinicians are able to manage the most difficult teeth. Furthermore, the most advanced techniques and materials are used to ensure that the root canal treatment is completed to the highest standard to ensure the optimal longevity for your tooth.

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Root Canal (Anterior)
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Why should I bother with this and not just get the tooth extracted?
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