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At the Neem Tree our expert team of hygienists provide detailed oral hygiene instructions to help you, in addition to providing a comprehensive maintenance clean of your teeth.

The foundations of any structure are fundamental for their longevity. The same applies with teeth. The gum and supporting bone of the teeth are integral to ensure that the teeth last as long as possible and at the Neem Tree, we have hygienists who will be able to help you facilitate this.

Treating Gum Disease at the Hygienist

Gum disease (gingivitis) is very common and at the same time very easily treatable. If not treated, it can result in a more severe form of disease known as periodontitis, which involves bone loss. This can be very difficult to treat and, if excessive, can result in recession of gums, wobbly teeth and ultimately tooth loss. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK and for this reason, it is important to maintain healthy gums and prevent the progression of gum disease.

Established gum disease can be very problematic as it can compromise the function and appearance of the teeth. This often requires a team-based approach to manage the disease, which involves the hygienist, dentist and periodontal specialist.

Hygienist Services at the Neem Tree

Our hygiene appointments last approximately 30 minutes and entail a detailed assessment of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. From this, we can then identify any areas that are in need of improvement and other areas which may require specialist input. In addition to this, the hygienist will be able to provide a deep clean to ensure that the teeth and gums are clean. They will also provide you with hygiene demonstrations and a programme to ensure they are kept clean until the next appointment.

The periodontal specialist is a highly-skilled clinician, trained in the management of all forms of gum disease. Their expertise lies in the ability to stabilise more severe forms of gum disease, which can cause the appearance of “black triangles” between teeth and also the appearance of “long teeth”. Through advanced regeneration, techniques they are able to help and improve the appearance of these problems. Furthermore, they are able to reshape the gums helping to improve the appearance of a “gummy smile

Feel free to book in for a free cosmetic consultation with one our clinicians to discuss how we can help you improve your smile

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