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Post-Orthodontic Hygiene

Post-Orthodontic Hygiene

Dental hygiene

Post-Orthodontic Hygiene
  • oral hygiene maintenance
  • post-treatment therapy
  • tartar removal

Avg. treatment time

45 mins



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Once orthodontic treatment is complete, it is advised to get a post-orthodontic hygiene appointment as the orthodontics does collect food which means build-up of tartar. Proper oral care isn’t just about making your teeth look pretty. Maintaining healthy teeth after having braces is essential, as you are more likely to have plaque and stains on your teeth.

You can ensure your teeth are healthy are by some simple measures. These include: brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a soft bristled brush, flossing once a day to remove plaque and food particles and cleaning your retainers.

This is the key to avoiding common dental problems like gingivitis, tartar, and demineralisation. Gums are under a state of inflammation, which means they are less likely to fight off bacteria. Hence why inflammations of the gums and gum disease are more of a risk after wearing braces. Because thorough oral hygiene is more difficult with braces, braces wearers are more prone to these issues than non-braces wearers. People wearing orthodontics are at much higher risk of tooth decay due to the metal device on the teeth that makes it hard to clean.

Why is post-orthodontic hygiene important?

This is why it’s necessary to make an appointment at Neem Tree to get regular cleanings; to give your teeth a better chance of fighting any new incoming bacteria. Having a post-orthodontic hygiene session will clean out the bacteria as well as the gums and the alveolar pockets that hold your teeth in place.

A post-orthodontic hygiene session is vital as there may be food and drink that you can’t reach stuck on the tooth surfaces. Food stuck in your teeth can cause plaque and periodontitis. As well as this, an appointment with one of our professional orthodontics will also assess whether any cavities have formed while you had your braces on.

Some patients opt for having whitening treatments after having their braces removed in order to match their new straightened teeth. We can also offer other procedures that will help you achieve a bright and healthy smile.

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