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Pre-Orthodontic Hygiene

Pre-Orthodontic Hygiene

Hygienist treatment

Pre-Orthodontic Hygiene
  • eliminate tartar
  • prepare for treatment
  • best results

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It is essential that oral hygiene is at a high standard before starting orthodontic treatment. Our hygienist will carry out a thorough clean using a combination of the ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments to remove plaque and hard calculus, so you have a healthy foundation before moving your teeth orthodontically.

It really is mandatory that this hygiene is carried out to ensure the best health of the tissues during treatment. Prevention of gum disease whilst braces are in place is very important. The teeth are at higher risk of accumulating plaque and tartar during this time as it is more difficult to clean effectively.

Pre-orthodontic hygiene at the Neem Tree

Advice is also given about how best to clean around the orthodontic appliances and how to maintain them. This will need to be repeated during the course of the orthodontic treatment as appliances may change along the course of treatment.

You will receive oral hygiene advice specific for orthodontic treatment, and preparation of the teeth for orthodontic work. How to manage your oral hygiene with braces or appliances is completely different to when they are appliance free. Pre-Orthodontic Hygiene will ensure you teeth have an immaculate surface for the braces to be attached to which will optimise results for orthodontics. It is also critical that before embarking upon a course of orthodontics, the gum health and that of the soft tissues is thoroughly checked.

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Pre-Orthodontic Hygiene
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