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Simple Implants

Simple Implants

Simple Implants
  • Restores function of missing teeth
  • Prevent drifting of other teeth
  • Stops opposing teeth over growing

Avg. treatment time

1.5 hours



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Teeth can be lost due to decay, infection or be missing from birth. This can lead to impaired function and poor aesthetic appearance. Dental implants are the gold standard choice for the replacement of missing teeth.

Their longevity and ability to restore the normal function and appearance of teeth make them the most reliable choice when compared to alternatives.

The actual dental implant is placed into the jaw bone following precise planning which enables positioning of the actual implant “screw”. Following a period of integration into the jaw bone the final crown can then be attached to it.

Dental implants can be utilised to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, dental bridges and even provide support for full dentures. On occasion there may not be enough bone to support dental implants and in these circumstances bone grafting using specialised natural materials can be utilised to allow regeneration of bone.

For upper implants if the sinus is limiting the space available, sinus augmentation can be performed, which is a surgical procedure enabling sufficient space and bone to place dental implants in the upper jaw.

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