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Orthodontic treatment

  • improve appearance & position
  • close gaps
  • correct crooked teeth

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Also known as orthodontic cases, are modern devices used in orthodontic dentistry that help with the alignment and straightening of teeth.

They assist in positioning them according to a person’s bite. They generally work to improve overall dental health.Braces are the metal brackets attached to the teeth in combination with wires and elastics.

New modern brackets are smaller and much less noticeable. Fixed metal braces can treat most orthodontic problems, for example closing gaps and correcting crooked teeth.

Contact our expert Orthodontics team that can help you choose the right braces for you.

Caring for you

Creating beautiful smiles are what we pride ourselves in and we aim to achieve this for all of our patients no matter how complex and difficult this may be. In certain circumstances, teeth can erupt into undesirable positions which can make eating and cleaning difficult. Furthermore, the appearance of “crooked” teeth can also affect personal confidence and the ability to smile.

For this reason, we have searched high and low for the best orthodontists to help you achieve the smile you truly deserve. Orthodontic treatment involves using specialised appliances in the mouth to move the teeth into more desirable positions, and there are number of different ways that this can be achieved.

The traditional metallic braces, often referred to as “train track” braces, are the treatment of choice when complex and large tooth movements are required.

Ceramic brace

If you are concerned with the appearance of the metallic braces, we are also pleased to provide ceramic alternatives which are made from toothed coloured ceramic materials resembling the natural colour of teeth.  This makes them virtually imperceptible and an excellent alternative to metallic braces.



Incognito braces

If you would like straighter teeth, but are concerned with the appearance of having braces on the front of teeth, Incognito braces are the best option for you. This revolutionary system has changed the way we at the neem tree are able to provide orthodontic treatment. This advanced system provides the most aesthetically appealing form of orthodontic braces whilst maintaining the core function of straightening teeth.

This is done by placing the traditional orthodontic brackets and wires on the inner surface of the teeth, rather than the outside, thus reducing their visibility entirely. The results are fantastic and whats more is that they are virtually imperceptible so nobody will even know that you have braces.

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Braces from £4,500

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