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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Examination with Specialist

Initial Consultation
  • evaluate gum condition
  • prevent gum disease
  • detailed treatment plan

Avg. treatment time

60 minutes



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The initial specialist periodontist consultation is your first appointment with the Specialist Periodontist.

He/She will begin by taking a detailed history of your lifestyle, diet, medical history, oral hygiene and dental history. If you feel there is any relevant information on your current health status please discuss this with your Specialist so they are aware, as this may be relevant to your oral health.

What happens at a specialist periodontist consultation?

A thorough oral examination will be carried out where recordings, measurements of the gum pockets, photographs and X-rays will be taken to measure gum and bone levels. An additional OPG radiograph (an X-ray of both the jaws and surrounding structures) may also be needed in order to assess the pattern and extent of bone loss.

At the end of the specialist periodontist consultation, the Specialist will have a better understanding of the extent and severity of the disease. You will then receive a detailed treatment plan with supplementary consent forms. The Specialist will go through the prognosis, treatment options and costings with you and answer any questions you may have.

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