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peri-implantitis treatment

peri-implantitis treatment

peri-implantitis treatment
  • infection control
  • prevent loss of implant
  • bone regeneration

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Peri-implantitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria affecting the soft tissues and bone around the implant.

Peri-implant disease involves a bacterial build-up on the base of a dental implant, causing inflammation of the gums. If not treated early, peri-implant disease can result in the bone structure below the implant to deteriorate. Depending on the stage of the condition, this may be non-surgical or surgical.

When will I need peri-implantitis treatment?

There are two types of peri-implant diseases. The first, peri-implant mucositis, is the category defined by inflammation found only on the soft tissues around the dental implant, where there is no signs of bone loss. If mucositis is treated early, then healthy tissue can usually be restored.

The second condition, peri-implantitis, is derivative of the first condition. This occurs when examination shows that, in addition to gum inflammation, there is also deterioration in the bone supporting the implant. Potentially, this could lead to the implant falling out, as well as other unpleasant consequences. It is imperative that peri-implantitis treatment occurs immediately under the care of an expert.

Peri-implantitis treatment is focused on controlling the infection, detoxification of the implant surface and bone regeneration.

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