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Periodontal bone grafting

Periodontal bone grafting

and Periodontal Tissue Regeneration

Periodontal bone grafting
  • Prevention of tooth loss
  • Control of periodontal disease
  • Prevention of re infection

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In some cases the gum disease has resulted in mobile teeth or even tooth loss, this is due to fact that the bone has decreased in width, height and density.

Periodontal bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure which involves regeneration of supporting tissues or bone that have been lost from severe periodontal disease. The aim is to build up new bone in that area in order to support a prosthesis/ implant.

The Periodontal Bone Grafting Procedure

A small incision is placed under local anaesthesia and the gum is separated from the tooth in order to expose the bone underneath. A grafting material is placed, this acts as a scaffold around which your body which produce new bone.

There are a variety of sources for the grafting material these include, your own bone or synthetic bone (in the form of powder or granules). All the grafting materials we use are safe to use and are supported by strong scientific evidence.

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