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Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

Maintenance the key to successful results

Periodontal Maintenance
  • Prevention of re-infection
  • Regular monitoring and assessment
  • Home care advice and support

Avg. treatment time

30 mins



No. of treatments


Your Specialist will set out the time intervals in which you should attend for regular monitoring and maintenance. This will be dependent on your risk factors.

Your maintenance program will be bespoke to your needs and will involve regular monitoring, deep cleaning and hygiene instructions. To prevent re-infection and further periodontal treatment, it is important to follow the maintenance program set out by your Specialist.

Periodontal Maintenance Review Appointment (30 mins)

An important aspect to the success of periodontal treatment is regular maintenance and review.

Your review appointments will be set by the Specialist to ensure they are regularly monitoring the disease and treating accordingly.

Your Specialist will retake measurements and recordings to assess the success rate of treatment and if further periodontal treatment is needed.

In more advanced cases, periodontal surgery may be needed in order to treat deep areas of inflammation and re contour the gum/bone. The Specialist will advise a maintenance plan going forward and provide home care instructions.

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