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Be a part of something bigger

The neem tree foundation is in the process of becoming a registered charity that will provide support to sustainable charitable projects across the globe.

It has set out to develop and maintain sustainability projects helping provide the basic necessities for those who are less fortunate. These include water, food, clothing and education.

For every pound spent at the Neem Tree, one penny will be donated to the Foundation and thus allows you to help and be part of something bigger.

Our first project is in Zimbabwe, where we have created hygiene packs for local orphanages in Harare. The pack contained a toothbrush, t shirt, toothpaste, soap and oral hygiene leaflet for children aged 5-15 yrs.

Smita Mehra, Managing Director of the Neem Tree helping others Dr. Smita Mehra with a patient The Neem Tree Foundation
During my school holidays we visited Zimbabwe to do charity work. I went to different villages and orphanages. I enjoyed speaking to them about what they did all day and they said ‘we just play’.

We distributed a goody bag which had a skipping rope, a ball some sweets and toiletries. It was lovely to see their smiling faces when they received it.

It was a privilege to help these children. It made me feel good inside. It felt good to make their lives better. I was lucky to have that opportunity. I really hope I can do it again in the future. I think about my time in Zimbabwe a lot. When I’m older I would love to do more work for charity.

- Eesa Sheikh

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