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Orthodontic Treatments

best braces to straighten your smile

Orthodontic braces are modern devices used in orthodontic dentistry that help with the alignment & straightening of teeth. New modern braces are smaller & much less noticeable.

Orthodontic brace technology has advanced considerably over the last few decades. The advent of invisible brace technology, such as Invisalign ® has revolutionised the perception of brace treatment and what they can mean for your teeth. Orthodontic braces can be applied to patients of all ages and are virtually unnoticeable.

Furthermore, the speed at which the teeth are able to be moved has improved, allowing orthodontic treatment to be completed quicker and more effectively.

Orthodontic Treatments at the Neem Tree

At the Neem Tree we are delighted to provide the full complement of orthodontic options including Invisalign®, Incognito, Damon, ceramic & metal braces by some of the best specialist Orthodontists in our dental practices in London and Surrey.

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Exams and records (Simple)

Consultation and Report from £150
Lateral Cephalogram from £50
Study Models from £50
Invisalign Clincheck treatment (plan only) from £500

Fixed appliances Two Arch

New Patient Examination (price not incl. x-rays)
from £60
from £60
Digital x-rays
from £15
from £15
OPG x-ray
from £55
CT Scan (both arches)
from £220
CT Scan (single arch)
from £115
Ceramic Braces
from £4500 - £4800
from £4500 - £4800
Damon Braces
call us
call us
Incognito Braces
from £8000
from £8000
Invisalign Check up & Appointment
from £500
from £500
Invisalign upper & lower
from £2900- £4500
from £2800-£4500


Pull Down Retainer from £150
Fixed Bonded Retainer (per arch) from £350
Essix & Hawley Retainers available POA
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