• Temporarily refixes dislodged dental crown.
  • Temporarily replaces lost dental fillings.
  • Enough material for several applications.
  • Complete with all the required tools and instructions.
  • Helps prevent thermal shock and restores appearance.
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Every home and suitcase should have a Dentanurse First Aid Kit for Teeth. Crowns, Bridges and Fillings can dislodge at the most inconvenient of times. What if a front Crown dislodges on a Friday evening and you have a date or a Monday morning and you have an important meeting? No one wants to sit with their hand over their mouth to hide an unsightly gap. With a Dentanurse kit, you can temporarily re-seat your Crown in minutes thus restoring your smile and covering your embarrassment until you reach your dentist.

Lost fillings are common, using the same kit and ingredients it is possible to make a temporary dental filling. By covering a cavity as soon as possible after losing a filling you protect the nerves from thermal shock and prevent further deterioration of the tooth. In just one compact emergency treatment pack, the Dentanurse First Aid Kit For Teeth enables an amateur to temporarily replace a lost filling and to re-fix dislodged crowns, bridges, and inlays until professional assistance is available.

Based on a tried and trusted formula of zinc oxide and eugenol cement mixtures. Just one Dentanurse kit is all you need for re-seating Crowns, Bridges, Inlays or making a temporary filling, the kit has all the ingredients to prevent thermal shock and restore appearance and function until professional help can be obtained. Invaluable for travellers, tourists, yachtsmen and in the home.