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Teeth Whitening

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At the Neem Tree, you can add some sparkle to your life with a range of our teeth whitening treatments. Results can be achieved in just 1 hour

Through the process of ageing, all teeth naturally discolour. Furthermore food staining from certain foods, tobacco, tea or coffee can also result in stained teeth. Although some of the staining can be removed by one of our highly skilled hygienists, it can be further improved with one of our advanced whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening has undergone much scrutiny of late due to inappropriate provision of whitening by inadequately trained individuals resulting in harm to patients. It is now a legal requirement for whitening to be provided by clinically trained dental professionals.

For this reason, we have only highly-trained dentists to ensure that whitening is provided in a safe and effective manner to achieve a reliable lasting result.

Chair-side Teeth Whitening

Chair-side whitening is a viable alternative for those of you who wish to have express whitening. The same process is applied, however, it is done in the dental chair using a specialised light which activates the gel achieving a faster result. This process normally take between 1-2 hours and thus can easily be achieved over a lunch break.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Enlighten Teeth Whitening
from £750
from £750
Home Teeth Whitening
from £375
from £375

Teeth whitening

Express Teeth Whitening
from £595
from £695
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