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How to get White Teeth in Two Weeks

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A smile can be a  wonderful thing. It makes the person who smiles, and the people they are smiling at, feel good. However, if your teeth are stained you may be reluctant to smile and show them off. This can make you feel self conscious and can lead to problems like depression if the issue is extreme.

The good news is that there are methods of teeth whitening that you can try. This means that you can lighten your teeth within a couple of weeks and return the smile to your face. So, how should you go about whitening your teeth?

Try some home remedies

There are some home remedies that people use to remove stains from their teeth and make them whiter. There is no extensive evidence to suggest a high success rate for these methods. The results also tend to be limited in the strength of the whitening, and the length of time that it lasts. However, these methods are all simple and affordable, to try at home.

Cloves and salt.

Cloves have antibiotic qualities and salt can help cleanse your mouth. Combining ground cloves with a pinch of salt makes a good powder to use for teeth whitening. You simply need to place the head of a wet toothbrush into the powder and brush your teeth, before rinsing.

Baking soda and lime.

Baking soda and lime both have stain removing properties. Using a paste made from one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of fresh lime juice on a toothbrush can help you to brighten your smile. You should brush for no more than two minutes then rinse immediately.

Strawberry and baking soda.

Strawberries can also be combined with baking soda to help whiten teeth. Crush a ripe strawberry and mix it with half a teaspoon of baking powder. Spread the paste across your teeth and leave it for five minutes. You should then brush your teeth before rinsing.

Mint leaves

Mint has many nutritional benefits and also has properties which remove stains from teeth and freshen breath. Crush some mint leaves into a paste to spread across your teeth. Rub the paste into your teeth for around three minutes then rinse.

There are specialist products you can use, if you want extra help with whitening your teeth in a couple of weeks.

Whitening toothpaste

Any toothpaste you use removes stains to some extent as it contains an abrasive. However, whitening toothpastes are specially manufactured to make teeth whiter. Look for a toothpaste that contains baking soda and peroxide. Remember that results from this type of toothpaste can be varied, depending how badly your teeth are stained. It can also take longer than two weeks for the full effect of the toothpaste to be seen, even when you brush twice a day.

Home teeth whitening kits

For quicker and more long-lasting results, home teeth whitening kits are a good choice. Your dentist can provide you with one of these kits. They give you a customised tray which is designed to be a perfect fit for your mouth and the whitening gel to be applied. They also give you precise instructions about how the gel should be applied.

The biggest benefit of these kits is that you get expert advice from a professional, but you can do the whitening while you relax at home. You will usually need to wear the whitening tray for three hours at a time, on eight consecutive nights. If you follow the instructions, you should get the shining white teeth that you want, well within two weeks.

Teeth whitening at the dentist’s surgery

The best way to get quick teeth whitening results is to have the work carried out by a qualified dentist. They can use stronger bleaching agents, to get better results. You will notice the difference straight away. Depending on the process and products that are used, results of this type of whitening can last for as long as five years.

If you like the idea of having teeth whitening carried out in the dental surgery, you need to make an appointment. The dentist will speak to you about your options when it comes to this type of procedure. Teeth whitening with strong bleaching agents is not suitable for everyone. Some conditions, such as gum disease, mean that this procedure cannot be carried out.

During your consultation, the dentist will discuss your dental history with you. If you are suitable for treatment, they will explain what will happen during the treatment. Treatments vary slightly but they normally involve the application of a peroxide-based gel which is treated with heat or light. The procedure normally takes around one hour to complete.

How to get White Teeth in 2 Weeks: Summary

Having a bright smile can be important for self-confidence. If staining to your teeth is causing problems with your confidence, there are actions you can take. Using home remedies can help but results are unproven and vary from person to person. Teeth whitening toothpaste can be bought off the shelf and is easy to use. However, results take time to show and continuous use of the toothpaste is necessary in order to maintain the whiter shade.

Dentists can provide you with home whitening kits that provide noticeable results within two weeks. The kits are simple to use and you can get the results you are looking for in the comfort of your own home. The best way to achieve good teeth whitening results is to have the work carried out in the dentist’s surgery.

Teeth Whitening at the Neem Tree

Dentists like the professionals at the Neem Tree use strong bleaching agents, in a completely safe manner. They will speak to you about the results you are looking for, and tell you what you can expect from the treatment. Contact one of the friendly professionals at the Neem Tree for professional teeth whitening services that give you the sparkling white teeth you are looking for within two weeks.