Treatment Categories: Family

Pregnancy Hygiene

It is important that you visit a hygienist and maintain your dental hygiene and health during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that can increase the risk of developing gum disease, which in turn can affect the health of your developing baby.

Dental Care for Babies

Dental care for babies is an essential part of their overall health. Baby teeth begin to erupt from around 6 months and you should start cleaning them as soon as they do. It is important for them to visit a dentist not long after their first tooth appears.

Maternal Dental Care

Maternal dental health is vital for the overall health of both you and your baby. There are several conditions that can affect your dental health while pregnant so it is important to visit the dentist before, during and after pregnancy.

Children’s Dental Care

Children’s dental health is important from the moment their first tooth appears. It is important to bring your child to the dentist early so their teeth and gums can be examined and so they get used to the sights and smells of a dental practice early on.