Treatment Categories: Hygiene

Smokers Stain Removal

Smokers stain removal can help to fight the discolouration of teeth that often accompanies smoking tobacco. Tobacco stains are not only unsightly, they are also more prone to plaque and calculus build ups. Stain removal can eradicate stains and look out for signs of gum disease in smokers.

Tooth Stain Removal

Tooth stain removal is a treatment which eradicates discolouration and restores teeth to their natural colour and brightness. Food and drink such as coffee, tea and wine can all lead to tooth stains, as well as smoking tobacco. Treatment can help remove and prevent tooth stains.


Dental hygienist treatment provides a complete, professional clean of your teeth and gums by removing any built-up plaque, tartar and calculus which has not been removed via brushing or flossing. Dental hygiene treatments help prevent gum disease by removing the bacteria found in plaque which causes it.