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Having a Tooth Pulled: What to Expect

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This guide will take you through the whole process, starting from your first appointment with the dentist to aftercare once the tooth is out. You’ll learn about the procedure itself, how to handle discomfort, and what steps to take afterward. If you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming tooth extraction, keep reading to find out everything you need to know to ease your worries.

Alcohol and Oral Health

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Why is alcohol so bad for your teeth? Alcoholic drinks including beer, cider and white wine can be very acidic which can cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth which could possibly lead to a lot of pain and sensitivity. Alcoholic spirits such as whiskey and vodka have a very high alcohol content which… Read More »Alcohol and Oral Health

My Invisalign Story

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This is the anonymised story of how one of the Neem Tree family restored their smile with Invisalign. When I was looking at getting Invisalign, there were so many recommendations to visit The Neem Tree. Although there was lots of information around and so many different dentists offering the same service, the reviews for The… Read More »My Invisalign Story

Healthy Halloween: Trick or Treat Ideas

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Ghouls, ghosts and goblins … it’s officially Halloween 2021. It’s that sweet and sugary time of year but even vampires have sparkling white teeth… which means your little gremlins should have exceptionally white teeth too! Halloween is such a fun holiday and definitely one of our favourites. Halloween is definitely the event of the year… Read More »Healthy Halloween: Trick or Treat Ideas

Do I Have To Floss?

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Proper oral hygiene can help keep your breath fresh and your teeth and gums healthy, this could also help prevent periodontal disease. What many people don’t realise is flossing is a very important part of your routine but somehow many people ignore this step the most. This article will help you realise why flossing is… Read More »Do I Have To Floss?

What to do in a Dental Emergency and How to Avoid Them

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If you have ever had a dental emergency then you understand how frightful and painful it can be. Especially in these unprecedented times, where dental health can be overlooked due to the current health issue hysteria surrounding the globe. Understandably, many businesses are under a lot of changes and pressure right now, but here at… Read More »What to do in a Dental Emergency and How to Avoid Them

Cracked Tooth – When it’s Time to Visit the Dentist

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Teeth are strong by nature. This does not mean that they can never be damaged. Cracking a tooth is one of the most common dental issues. This cracking can happen for a number of reasons, including biting on a hard substance, being hit in the face, having large amalgam fillings and grinding teeth. Cracks in… Read More »Cracked Tooth – When it’s Time to Visit the Dentist