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COVID-19 and Gum Disease

Woman holding card showing rotten teeth from gum disease

The rise of Covid-19 has meant that a cough or even the slightest tingle in your throat will surge feelings of worry and paranoia as many of us get scared that those may be the onset symptoms of Covid-19. There is no doubt that Covid-19 affects your health in many ways, but what about your oral health? Can Covid-19, whether it is mild or severe, can it really affect my oral health? Can my oral health make my body health worse? Do they really coincide with one another?

Well, what most people fail to realise is, your oral health and your overall health are closely related and highly affect one another in many ways. What new research has shown is Covid-19 paired with Periodontitis (gum disease) is actually a terribly violent combination. 

The relationship between Covid-19 and gum disease

Periodontitis is the serious form of gum disease that is irreversible however, very much treatable. It is a disease that affects half of all adults worldwide. 

What has COVID got to do with gum disease?

Periodontitis is a serious form of gum disease. It usually causes inflammation of the gums and if it is left untreated, the inflammation can spread throughout the body. COVID-19 is associated with that inflammatory response that has the potential to be fatal. A nationwide study conducted in Qatar suggests that the inflammation in the oral cavity may open the door to the Coronavirus becoming more violent. 

This study is seen to add further evidence to the links that have been previously made between oral health and respiratory conditions. 

What you don’t know

Periodontitis itself causes inflammation of the gums and, if it is left untreated, can cause a ripple effect through the entire body and the inflammation can spread throughout the body. 

COVID-19 and poor oral health combined makes a deadly cocktail. The recent study carried out in Qatar suggests that the inflammation in the oral cavity may allow the virus to become more violent. This study has shown that COVID-19 patients are at least three times more likely to experience even worse complications if they also have gum disease. 

Where COVID comes in…

COVID-19 is associated with an inflammatory response that could be fatal to the body. 

The results of the study highly suggest that the inflammation in the oral cavity may open the door to coronavirus, allowing the disease to attack the body more violently. 

The Good News

Periodontitis is a common disease that can be both prevented and treated. We wholeheartedly believe in preventative care rather than crisis treatment.  

Preventing gum disease

  • Brush your teeth twice a day 
  • Floss regularly 
  • Do not smoke
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Attend your regular dental check ups 

Can my gums hurt if I have COVID?

Sore gums are not a common symptom of Covid-19. If you are feeling any irritation, inflamed or red and swollen gums, book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. 

If you currently have any symptoms of Covid-19 be sure to inform your dentist of this before booking an appointment. 

Does my gum disease mean I am more likely to catch Covid-19?

If you have gum disease, the study suggests that if you do catch Covid-19, then you may experience worse symptoms and effects than others, having gum disease does not make you more likely to catch Covid-19.

Does this blog even affect me?

Well, when was the last time you went to the dentist? How many regular check ups have you missed? Over the last year, going to the dentist has been quite far down on the priority list for many however, it remains extremely important. You may have gum disease and not even know it. Plaque that hardens into tartar is not something you can clean yourself at home, you need the help of a dental professional with certain aspects of your oral health that can help ensure that you do not develop gum disease or to ensure that it is treated as soon as it is spotted. 

These studies have shown that COVID-19 patients are at least three times more likely to experience extreme complications if they also have gum disease according to recent research.

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