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Is Sparkling Water Bad for Teeth?

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By now you should know that although a lot of drinks including sodas, juices and caffeine drinks can all be damaging to your teeth. However, while they all have the potential to be quite harmful to your teeth, they are all perfectly fine if they are consumed in moderation and paired with a good and consistent dental routine.

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The one drink that should come to mind when you are trying to quench your thirst with a healthy calorie-free option is water. Still, flavourless water is the best option to hydrate you while also having no damage to your teeth at all. But what about all those people who like it when their water is flavoured with a bit of citrus, or they like it a bit bubbly? Where does that leave the ever so popular drink that is sparkling water? 

Water is healthy, water is low calorie, water is great for your teeth, but what about sparkling water? Isn’t still water and sparkling water the same thing?

While the bubbly carbonated drink that is sparkling water is definitely considered a healthier alternative to soft drinks, it is also in fact just as hydrating for you as regular still water is. Sparkling water that is flavourless and has no added sugar in it, simply is still water with added carbonation. If this is consumed in large amounts with a poor oral hygiene routine, it can affect the health of your teeth. However, there are no studies or statistics that show that sparkling water is detrimental for your teeth or any worse for your teeth than still water is. 

Does carbonated water lead to tooth decay?

Some types of carbonated water can still in fact lead to erosion of your tooth enamel.

Let’s get a little technical… 

The process of carbonation involves the addition of pressurized carbon dioxide gas to plain water. As long as any acids, sugars and salt are not being added, drinking sparkling water is perfectly fine for you. It is the added ingredients that increase your risk of damaging your teeth and getting tooth decay. 

There is a common misconception that even without any added sugar or flavours, the carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the water is highly acidic and is, therefore, damaging to the teeth. However, there have been numerous studies published that suggest that this really isn’t the case at all. These studies prove that the concentration of carbon dioxide does not harm the enamel of the teeth.  

This is all depending on whether the water has any added citric acid or sugar. Therefore, simple carbonated water does not cause tooth decay. The sparkling water drinks with fruity flavours and added sugars can have some effect on your teeth. The added ingredients are what make it worse for you and your teeth than normal or regular sparkling water. However, weighing it next to sugar filled juices and soft drinks, it is a much better alternative for your teeth. 


  • Sparkling water is just as healthy as still water as long as there are no added sugars.
  • While these waters are carbonated, they do not have the same effect as soft drinks. Carbonated sodas do not affect your bone density or greatly damage your teeth.
  • Carbonated drinks with or without any added sugars will make you feel bloated so you may want to avoid them.
  • A good substitute is to infuse normal water with fruit or herbs so you can avoid the fizzy stuff. 

Sparkling Water and Tooth Decay FAQ’s

There are so many myths that surround sparkling water about how good or bad it is for you, your bones, and your teeth. Let us straighten up some facts for you. 

Is sparkling water worse for your teeth than still water? 

Drinking sparkling water is not the same as drinking sodas and soft drinks. However, there is some truth to the claim that carbonated water can erode your tooth enamel. This is due to the fact that carbonic acid is a by-product of water and carbon gas that is in sparkling water and gives it that taste that many love. This carbonic acid can have a very mild erosive effect on your teeth if you are consuming this over a long period of time. 

What you need to know!

Sparkling water flavoured with any citrus such as lime, lemon or orange contain small amounts of citric acid that, as a result, are more erosive to your teeth.

Although the acids in sugar free sparkling water are present, they are very weak and so is the damage to your teeth. Sparkling water is definitely a better option for you than drinking soft drinks and is almost just as good as still water. 

Does carbonated water hydrate as well as regular water?  

Several studies have shown that sparkling water does indeed hydrate you just as well as still water does. After all, sparkling / carbonated water is simply just regular water infused with a bubbly carbon gas that is slightly more erosive than still water is.  

Remember, moderation is key. As long as you are consuming all your liquids within moderation, you keep up with brushing and flossing twice a day, and routinely visit your dentist, your oral health will be in the best condition and your teeth will love you for it.

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