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Top Tips For A Healthy Halloween

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It’s almost that time of year again. The day of sweet indulgence without any guilt is coming. Everywhere you go, there are your favourite sweets and chocolates wrapped in festive packaging and at a bargain!

We are calling on all parents to make sure that your children are looking after their teeth while the chocolate eating holiday is among us.

Dental problems occur when children consume sugary drinks and foods and with Halloween approaching fast, it means children are consuming more sugary treats including sugary drinks. Although we want our children to have fun on Halloween, it is important to understand that allowing your children to indulge in these treats can provoke bad habits and can cause cavities in their teeth. 

It is hard to get children interested in taking care of their teeth, especially if you are competing with delicious chocolatey treats and gummy sweets. If the plaque created by sugary foods and drinks is not removed correctly by brushing and flossing daily, over time the tooth’s enamel will get soft therefore allowing cavities to form. 

This is the holiday that everyone does indulge a little, so here are some of our tips to help your teeth survive this Halloween season while still enjoying the festivities: 

Avoid the sticky ones!

The sticky sweets, like caramels, are particularly bad for your teeth. The stickier the sweets, the longer it takes to get washed away by saliva. Sweets like taffy, gummy bears and Haribos quite literally stick and cling to your teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay.

Hard candies such as lollipops that stay in your mouth for a long time can also cause tooth decay. If you really want one, try to look for sugar-free versions, there are many around!

Time it right

Eat chocolates and sugary foods with meals or shortly after meal time. This is because saliva production increases while we are eating. This will help cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and rinse away unwanted food particles.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water can help prevent tooth decay by washing away all the unwanted food particles away from your teeth. Stay away from sugary drinks that will increase your sugar intake and also increase your risk of tooth decay. 

Do not over-buy

It is so tempting to buy Halloween treats especially if they are seasonal and on sale! The more you have around, the more tempted both you and your little ones will be to binge eat them all! The less you have around, the less you will eat. We advise you to limit your stash of candy, your teeth will thank you.

Sort the sweets

Have your family pick their favourites, limit your children to choose 3 or 4 sweets and help them donate the rest to people who are in need of food. There are many organisations around the UK that need your help and would love a kind donation of sweets and treats that your teeth do not need.

Best time to brush

We always want you to brush your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing right before bed. However, when your kids are consuming more sugary treats, it is best to brush their teeth again about one hour after eating the treats.

Talk to your kids about oral health

This is the perfect time to reinforce how important it is for your children to brush their teeth twice a day as well as the ‘oh-so-dreaded’ flossing routine.

It is really important that children have rules of how much candy they are allowed and understand that the health of their teeth is what is at risk.

Always remember, children mostly do exactly what they see. So make sure they see you brushing your teeth or better yet, make brushing a family affair that everyone can do together. The more fun you make brushing, the more likely your kids are going to want to brush their teeth. 

We love Halloween here at The Neem Tree and all the treats and sweets that come with it! Remember, Halloween is a great time to call us and schedule an appointment for the whole family to get a checkup! 

Have fun this Halloween from The Neem Tree and enjoy the sweets in moderation!