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My Invisalign Story


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This is the anonymised story of how one of the Neem Tree family restored their smile with Invisalign.

When I was looking at getting Invisalign, there were so many recommendations to visit The Neem Tree. Although there was lots of information around and so many different dentists offering the same service, the reviews for The Neem Tree stood out the most for me which is why I went with them (and I am so glad that I did).

So, after completing my Invisalign treatment I thought I should share my experience for those who may be looking at receiving treatment.

I am writing this as a normal customer who has been through this experience, rather than an experienced dentist trying to sell something to you. This is my own experience, and I am not a qualified dentist, orthodontist nor a health professional. So, your own experience may vary, and you should get your own professional advice rather than listening to some guy on the Internet. Trust the guys at The Neem Tree, definitely the best dentists in Esher!

Starting Invisalign

I was super surprised by how easy it was to get done. I had braces as a kid and was traumatized by the mould-making process for retainers, which I never wore and looking back, that is what landed me in need of adult braces.

The team at The Neem Tree was very helpful from the get-go. The truth is, dentists freak me out and honestly, if it wasn’t for the way the staff interacted with me, I would have probably put off ever fixing my teeth.

Technology has come a long way—my dentist just scanned my teeth at different angles, and a week later, like magic, I had my first couple sets of trays, no uncomfortable appointments or moulds being made inside my mouth.

Since I actually have had braces before, I was prepared for my teeth to hurt as soon as I got the Invisalign braces, but they only were slightly sore the day you swap your new trays, which was a very tolerable pain… no big deal.

One thing I was not prepared for was the fact that you’re supposed to be brushing/flossing after every meal. I refuse to be that guy who brushes their teeth at work after lunch in the communal restroom. I opted for a deep cleaning in the morning and before bed and invested in Colgate Wisps in bulk to touch up after food. Luckily, I’m not an avid coffee, wine or soft drinks drinker, so mine didn’t get stained, but it’s best to listen to your dentist about what routine would be best suited for you.

Since this process was a bit costly and I was dedicated to getting my money’s worth, I wore my trays religiously through the entire process and only wear them now for maintenance at night. It is now a forever night time routine for me but it also doubles as a night guard.

Overall, I absolutely love the results. In roughly seven months my crowded bottom teeth were perfect, and I would do it again in a minute.

How to prepare for your Invisalign treatment

Here are a few things that I purchased throughout my treatment that really helped me:

  • An outie tool:
    These are honestly a godsend, especially during the first couple weeks when you’re not quite used to how much the trays can bend.
  • Painkillers:
    In the beginning and every time you get a new tray, you definitely will feel some pain. The pain eases as you progress but taking over the counter painkillers like paracetamol really helped me. It is the best and readily available painkiller for toothache.
  • A box for your aligners:
    You will get quite a few aligners throughout your Invisalign journey so it comes in really handy if you have a box to store them in. Storing your aligners in a box is also more hygienic for you.
  • Toothbrush:
    You don’t need to invest in too many expensive things, especially when it comes to cleaning your aligners. A normal cheap toothbrush is a great tool to clean your aligners. 

What can you expect with Invisalign?

  • Most Invisalign patients receive attachments. What people often fail to mention is that they will scratch the inside of your mouth and it starts to get quite sore in the beginning. After a couple of weeks your mouth gets used to them and you won’t notice them at all.
  • Expect some pain. For me the first couple of days after having the trays put in were agonising (paracetamol to the rescue). After these first few days the pain was limited only to the first day of putting in a new tray, and even then was only on 1 or 2 teeth. Don’t do what I did and buy a crunchy baguette for lunch on the day after swapping aligners.
  • A lisp! I had a lisp every time I got a new tray! It was very bad on the very first day of my first tray for a few hours, it was only a slight lisp on the following day and was completely gone after the second day.
  •  You will undoubtedly get much better at dental hygiene and habits. No matter how good you think you are at keeping your teeth clean, be prepared to go even further.
  • Due to the tray sitting and pushing on your teeth it is so easy to trap foods or liquids in them. These can cause tooth decay and staining, which when you’re paying so much you might as well just bear it and stick to drinking nothing but water.
  • I personally only really drink water so staining wasn’t a big issue, but I’ve heard of people really struggling because they can’t drink their morning coffee without having to clean their teeth afterwards. Be prepared to become the best in the world at flossing.
  • No seriously, prepare to improve your dental health. You’re going to become the best flosser.
  • Don’t expect any results to happen overnight. Expect to see absolutely no change for a few months, then one day you’ll look back at some old photos and realise just how much they’ve changed in a short period of time.
  • You become teeth obsessed. You will notice other people’s teeth more. This is something which I really wasn’t expecting to happen, but once you’re happy with your teeth you start to compare yours with others.
  • Some teeth may feel like they are getting slightly wobbly, at times. This normally clears up after a couple of days. Anything longer then you need to speak to your dentist.
  • Don’t worry or be disheartened if you need any refinements or some adjustments. Remember why you decided to do it in the first place. The end result will be more than worth it.
  • If you do need refinements, don’t be afraid to tell your dentist, my dentists at the Neem Tree were the best, they are almost completely painless. They are nothing compared to the actual treatment (which was relatively pain free anyway).
  • Don’t just accept treatment from the very first consultant you meet. I was advised to shop around and find when you’re most comfortable. I’m so glad I did because that’s how I then found The Neem Tree in Esher.
  • Expect to reject lots of food and drinks, especially snacks. It isn’t worth the headache and hassle of a complete mouth clean. You can still go out drinking socially occasionally, just try to rinse your mouth round with water every hour or so to avoid any sugary drinks sitting on your teeth and once you get home make sure to fully clean.

Secrets Pros of Invisalign treatment: 

  • Your complexion may improve as your intake of water may increase.
  • You will have an increased confidence in your smile. For me I hated showing my teeth whilst smiling, now it’s the total opposite.
  • You may also lose weight as you will snack less. For me that was a definite pro of the treatment.
  • You will have to change the way you smile. Being someone who used to hide their teeth whilst smiling, I now smile where I show nothing but teeth. Be prepared to look deranged as you try to find what works for your new smile.

My results

I originally looked into Invisalign back maybe 6 or 7 years ago, but my fear of the dentist took over so I never went through with it. I wish I had. I had a consultation in February 2019 and started my treatment at the beginning of May 2019.

If you are considering fixing your smile, book a consultation at The Neem Tree today and our professionals can advise what options are available and best suited to you.