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The Pros and Cons of Removable Braces


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Straightening your teeth is so important and with so many different treatment options out there now, you can have you pick!

The biggest downfall of fixed braces is that they don’t necessarily look the best, that is where clear, removable braces come in. Admittedly, any teeth straightening method will be slightly painful, but metal fixed braces definitely take the cake for testing your pain tolerance. However, aren’t they the best method to effectively straighten your teeth?

Your teeth help you to eat effectively and they are also an important part of your appearance. Arguably the most important part of your smile if your teeth. If your teeth are not straight, your smile may not look the way you want it to.

This can cause you to feel self-conscious and can have a serious adverse effect on your confidence levels. It may also be more difficult for you to maintain a good dental hygiene routine and for you to chew food effectively, creating further dental issues. 

For these reasons, straightening your teeth is important. Different types of braces are used to make this process happen. You need to discuss your options with a dental professional. One of these options is the very popular straightening treatment of removable braces however, there are several pros and cons to this option.

Using removable braces – pros and cons

Removable braces have become more and more popular as they are convenient to use. There are several pros of using these types of braces or aligners, as opposed to fixed braces.

  • Removable braces can be taken out when the wearer chooses to remove them, making it easier to eat, drink and to clean teeth.
  • Aligners are more discreet to wear than fixed braces which means you are likely to be less self-conscious when you are wearing them.
  • Unlike fixed braces, there are no foods and drinks you need to avoid during the treatment. 
  • There is more flexibility in treatment provided

There are also cons of treatment using removable braces or aligners which need to be considered.

  • This type of treatment is often more expensive than fixed braces. Costs should be discussed with your orthodontist.
  • Although good results can be achieved, there is no guarantee of success when using removable braces.
  • There is no set treatment time, the fact that braces are removable means that they are sometimes not worn for a sufficient length of time. It’s easy to simply leave them out when they are removed. This has an adverse effect on the straightening process.
  • Aligners are not always suitable for patients who have more complex orthodontic needs.

In many cases, people consider that the pros of removable braces outweigh the cons. This is why they are a very popular choice nowadays. However, fixed braces are still the best and most effective choice for some people.


Fixed braces as an option

Fixed braces are a traditional means of straightening teeth. They have been used for decades, with a great deal of success. The fixed braces that are used today are available in many forms, including ceramic braces which are less visible than the traditional metal version.

Unlike removable braces that are extremely useful primarily for aesthetic purposes and simple dental issues, braces are more functional and effective for treating complex issues. For people who have more complex orthodontic needs, fixed braces are often the best choice. This is due to the fact that they offer more support than removable braces.

One of the downsides of fixed braces is that they are often a lot easier to see than removable braces or aligners. This means that people can feel self-conscious about wearing them. Another downside of this type of braces is that wearing them can make it more difficult to clean teeth.

If you need to wear fixed braces, it is imperative that you put extra effort and thought into brushing your teeth and taking care of your dental hygiene. It will also take some time for you to become used to eating and drinking with the braces in place. Over time, wearing fixed braces becomes a lot easier to deal with.

The choice between using removable braces and fixed braces is often not just down to the pros and cons. You may like the convenience of these types of braces, but you need to be sure that they are the best option for you and your teeth. If they are not going to straighten your teeth effectively then you may need to consider choosing fixed braces instead. Your orthodontist will discuss your circumstances with you and give you all the advice and support you need to choose the treatment option that suits you best.

Removable Braces at The Neem Tree

At The Neem Tree, we are happy to discuss all orthodontic treatment options with patients. You do not need to make the decision alone. We will talk to you about what method will be best and more effective for you and go through any details and questions you may have. This involves discussing the treatment process and all the costs involved.

Find out what the best treatment option is for you and whether you should have removable braces rather than fixed braces. Make an appointment for an examination and consultation about our teeth straightening treatments.