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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

General dentistry

Tooth Extraction
  • relief of pain
  • treatment of infection
  • removal of broken teeth

Avg. treatment time

45-60 minutes



No. of treatments

1 - 2

Your teeth are very important to us, and because of this reason our aim is to preserve and maintain the life of your teeth for as long as possible. However, in certain circumstances this may not be possible, and tooth extraction may be required.

This is often a cause for concern for patients given that there will be gap now present once the tooth is gone in addition to the worry of actually having the tooth removed.

Tooth extraction at the Neem Tree

However, at the neem tree before any extraction is complete we discuss with you all of the options in order to save the tooth before considering the extraction. We then go on to discuss the possible options to replace the missing tooth and gap, of which there are a number of possible choices depending on your wants and needs.

We are even able to pre-fabricate a temporary prosthesis to replace the tooth planned for extraction and place it immediately after the extraction has occurred so that you will not have a gap present when you leave.

Occasionally, the teeth can be quite difficult to remove or may be difficult to access as they may be impacted (stuck) like wisdom teeth for instance. Even the most complex dental extractions can be planned for and rest assured we have the latest surgical equipment and expertise to ensure that your experience is a good one.

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