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Smokers Stain Removal

Smokers Stain Removal

Advanced stain removal

Smokers Stain Removal
  • improve appearance
  • eradicate dark stains
  • expert hygiene team

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1 hour



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Staining from tobacco can be very unsightly on teeth and dark stains are more prone to plaque and calculus build up.

Gum disease is very common & maintaining good oral hygiene is the single best thing you can do to prevent smokers stains.

Smokers stain removal at the Neem Tree

Our expert hygiene team provide detailed oral hygiene instruction to educate you in addition to providing a comprehensive maintenance clean.

Furthermore, we have developed a unique hygiene menu in addition to various hygiene packages which aim to suit your needs. We also are able to provide complex stain removal using AIR-FLOW® technology, which is an advanced stain removal system enabling smokers stain removal of the toughest stains.

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Smokers Stain Removal
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