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Smokers stain removal can help to fight the discolouration of teeth that often accompanies smoking tobacco. Tobacco stains are not only unsightly, they are also more prone to plaque and calculus build ups. Stain removal can eradicate stains and look out for signs of gum disease in smokers.

Smita Mehra

A word from Dr Smita Mehra, Principal Dentist

We use Airflow technology which efficiently removes dental stains by utilizing a controlled stream of air, water, and fine powder, providing a gentle and effective cleaning method for enhanced oral hygiene and a brighter smile.

Smoking tobacco can severely damage teeth and gums, as well as leaving them stained and discoloured. Dark tobacco stains can be very unsightly and make some patients self-conscious about their smile.

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“It was first class customer service, I’ve never had a hygienist go into so much detail about how to look after the health of my teeth and gums, or be as gentle as she was.”

Our hygiene specialists can remove these dark stains and help restore your smile to its natural brightness. We can also provide a deep dental clean to remove any plaque and calculus that have accumulated.

Gum disease is very common in smokers & maintaining good oral hygiene is the single best thing you can do to prevent smokers stains.

Smokers stain removal at the Neem Tree

We provide complex stain removal using AIR-FLOW® technology, which is an advanced stain removal system enabling us to remove the toughest smokers stains.

Not only do we provide a thorough smokers stain removal treatment, our expert hygiene team provide detailed oral hygiene instructions to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of tobacco stains.

Our dental hygiene services can also provide deep cleans to remove tartar and help prevent gum disease.

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Fee Guide

Hygienefrom £99
Airflow Tooth Stain Removal+ £20
Perio Hygiene (60 mins)from £260

Smoker’s stain removal FAQs

How often should I visit the clinic for stain removal?

The frequency of how often you should visit us for a stain removal depends entirely on the condition of your teeth. We recommend visiting us at least one time a year, as this is an important part of your dental hygiene.

On your visit to the Neem Tree Dental, your dentist and hygienist will advise on how many treatments you should have and how often you should visit.

How do you remove stains?

We are using AIR-FLOW® technology which involves the mixture of water, air and a fine powder to remove surface stains. This advanced stain removal system enables us to remove the toughest smokers stains.  This treatment will leave your teeth smooth and bright immediately after the treatment is complete.

Is the treatment painful?

No, the treatment is not painful. With our advanced technology, you should feel no pain at all whilst we remove tooth stains caused by smoking.

How does smoking damage teeth and gums?

Smokers develop more tartar on their teeth than nonsmokers this is because chemicals in tobacco products affect saliva flow in the mouth making it a lot easier for bacteria to stick to the teeth and gums. Smoking also interferes with blood circulation which affects the normal function of gum tissue, causing infections and restricting blood flow.

It also delays any healing in your gums. Smoking also damages your teeth as it stains your teeth yellow whilst also causing bad breath.

How can I prevent damage to my teeth and gums?

If you are currently a smoker, quitting smoking would be the first step to prevent any further damage to your teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene that includes brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and also flossing daily. Doing this will help prevent any further cavities and gum infections.

Getting regular dental cleanings will allow your dentist to detect any early signs of gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned and checked by a dentist or dental hygienist at least once a year is also very important to prevent damage to my teeth and gums. 

Why does smoking stain teeth?

The tar and nicotine in cigarettes are what stains your teeth and makes them turn yellow. Smoking, even for a short period of time, can make your teeth yellow. Those who have been smoking for a very long time often find that their teeth are stained brown and this is due to the staining from tobacco. 

How can I remove teeth stains from home?

There are a few home remedies that you can try at home to try to remove stains from your teeth. There are also home teeth whitening kits that can be purchased from our clinics and both supermarkets as well as pharmacies that can whiten the appearance of your teeth from home. 


AIR-FLOW technology
AIR-FLOW technology allows us to remove stubborn stains on teeth using a combination of compressed air, water and very fine particles.