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Tooth Stain Removal

Tooth Stain Removal

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Tooth Stain Removal
  • advanced AirFlow® technology
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  • combine with teeth whitening

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How can teeth become stained?

Staining from tea, coffee and tobacco can often darken the colour of naturally white teeth. Teeth can also become stained by poor dental hygiene and lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking red wine excessively. Additionally, foods that have artificial dyes and colours may also cause significant staining on the teeth. It is important to note that each person has a different natural tooth colour and some may be darker than others. Furthermore, ordinary tooth brushing often can’t remove the staining which makes the situation all the more frustrating.

At the neem tree, we are able to professionally, mechanically remove staining on teeth with the advanced AirFlow® technology. This allows a jet of compressed air combined with water and fine particles of sodium onto the stained teeth and removing them entirely. This technique aims to remove all the stains from your tooth surface which will improve the brightness of your teeth, giving you a whiter smile. The amount of time your teeth stay stain free will depend on the overall health of your teeth and the level of staining you have.

Advantages to having teeth stain removal:

There are different advantages to having this efficient and painless treatment which includes removing plaque & calculus that cause gum disease and tooth decay. It also removes superficial stains, giving you an instantly whiter smile, as well as providing you with whiter teeth without teeth whitening.

Here at Neem Tree, the procedure works by using air, sodium bicarbonate and a jet of water. The system gently polishes away any surface staining from the teeth. This is a great alternative to chemical teeth whitening as it is a simple jet cleaning system.
The results are very impressive and this can be booked in and done whilst with the hygienist at the neem tree. Consider combining hygiene, stain removal and whitening in one of our hygiene packages to get the perfect smile.

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