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The Enlighten teeth whitening system is a procedure which uses a light shined onto a bleaching agent to whiten teeth up to at least shade B1. Enlighten teeth whitening can last for up 3-4 years and is a quick, safe and painless treatment.

The Enlighten Teeth Whitening system is perfectly suited to people who have busy schedules. You can fit the procedure easily around your work or social activities and is tailored around you.

The in-chair treatment is straightforward – a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and then we shine a light to the teeth to activate it.

Enlighten teeth whitening can last up to 4 years and you can control the level of whitening that happens. Since the treatments are quite intense and extremely effective, Enlighten promises to whiten better than any other system.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening at the Neem Tree

Here at Neem Tree, we will talk to you about which procedure is best for you. The Enlighten whitening treatment is known for being safe and painless, whilst also providing patients with the best results. The Enlighten whitening system differs from other whitening procedures as it guarantees that every patient will have their teeth whitened to at least B1. Tooth whitening is completely safe and side effects aren’t common but you may experience temporary sensitivity.

Like any teeth whitening procedure, you would need a thorough checkup first, followed by a hygiene visit to get as clean a starting surface as possible. The procedure is available for most people, except pregnant and lactating women and individuals with pre-existing sensitivity. Additionally, if you’ve had dental work on your front teeth you may need extra care.

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Enlighten Teeth Whitening
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Home Teeth Whitening
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Learn more about Enlighten teeth whitening

How long does the whitening last?

It can last indefinitely with simple maintenance, i.e. one night’s wear every other month or a few nights every few months. With this treatment, you’ll be able to have white teeth for at least three years however it is essential that you look after your teeth properly. Especially for people who drink coffee and red wine excessively.

Will my fillings, crowns or veneers change colour?

No, they won’t. The whitening only affects natural tooth tissue changes shade. This means the crowns and fillings will remain the same colour.

How much whiter will my teeth become?

They can dramatically change shade with Enlighten. Sometimes up to 16 shades whiter! The reason why the Enlighten treatment differs from other whitening treatments is due to the fact it assures any patient a whiten to at least B1.