Carolina Ribeiro

Dental Nurse

  • Assisting surgical procedures
  • Implants
  • Restorative work

Left Portugal in 2012 to work in UK and study. I started as dental nurse in 2015 in a mixed NHS/private in Tooting area. I have been working as a dental nurse for 5 years and I find it extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Because I am passionate and ambitious about my career, I catch this opportunity at The Neem Tree to pursue another aspect of the dental field. I felt that was the time to get out of my comfortable zone!

Through my experience of working within the dental environment, I understand the importance and impact that good oral health and have a better smile has on patient’s overall health and quality of life.

I enjoy communicating with a wide range of patients on a daily basis and I am fortunate that working within the dental field allows this. I know the importance of working within a multidisciplinary team to provide optimum patient care and to promote a healthy and efficient team environment. 

In my previous job, I was the headnurse, I have experience in managing and guiding a team of professionals into setting goals and achieving targets.  I have also been involved in mentoring vocational dental practitioners who have started their career at that practice. 

I have a relaxed and compassionate approach with patients, always putting their best interests first. 

I aim to maintain a healthy work life balance and enjoy a range of activities outside of the dental field. I am bilingual and am fluent in both English and Portuguese. I am very passionate about travelling and learning about different cultures, languages and ways of life. Cooking/baking is also a passion of mine and enjoy a range of cuisine from all around the world. 

I am an extremely motivated, enthusiastic and open-minded individual.

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