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Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for Dental Care

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Christmas gift ideas

Our Neem Tree Dentists Suggest Some Tooth Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas!

This year has been intense, but it is finally Christmas. It is likely to be quite a different one than usual but we hope you are all able to get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate in a safe and responsible way. 

During the lockdown months, the one aspect that has probably taken the biggest toll is your dental routine. That has been the case for many people as the stress of the pandemic has taken over. So why not help your loved ones out with some amazing Christmas gifts that will also help their oral health? Here’s a few ideas for Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones that are tooth friendly and can benefit your smile.

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Electric Toothbrush 

We have mentioned countless times how much we, as Dentists, love electric toothbrushes as they are more efficient than manual ones. Very few people will switch back to manual after they have used an electric toothbrush. Trust us, it’s a great gift and they will thank you for it! Many brands release special colours and designs for Christmas which makes them even better gifts! 

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You can even get the little ones children-friendly electric toothbrushes! 

Light-Up Toothbrush 

This one is definitely a great one for the kids! There are many toothbrushes available that light up and sing for the full two minutes to ensure that children are brushing for the right amount of time and it also makes brushing a little bit more fun and enjoyable for them. Get the little ones in the habit of good oral care now so they continue it as they grow up! 

Many toothbrush brands also feature popular kids TV show characters such as the pups from Paw Patrol which also make great gifts for the little ones! 

Visit the Boots website.

Visit the Colgate website.


While we firmly believe that dental floss is the best way to effectively clean in between your teeth, we also acknowledge that this is usually the step that many people tend to avoid. If you know someone like that, then a Waterpik may be a great gift option. The Waterpik water flosser contains fine jets of water that blasts water between the teeth, helping to remove food that gets trapped. They help reduce 99% of plaque from treated areas!

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Visit the Waterpik website.

Tooth Fairy Box 

This would be a great stocking filler gift. Kids are often fascinated by gifts like this so why not buy them a nice box in which they can put their baby teeth in as they fall out? Make every aspect of their dental journey’s fun and exciting with this gift.

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Cheese Selection 

Usually when you are stuck on what to buy someone for Christmas, you opt for sweets and chocolates which are both bad options for our teeth. As an alternative, it might be a good idea to consider a cheese selection. They are becoming more and more popular. As well as containing no sugar, cheese is great for neutralising acids in the mouth and helping to protect the teeth from enamel erosion. 

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Special Tea Selection 

Drinking tea and coffee is one of the most common causes of discoloured and stained teeth. However, there are different ways to get your caffeine fix without the dreaded threat of staining your teeth. There is a large variety of herbal teas on the market which do not contain the tannin that is responsible for the staining of teeth. A selection pack of different teas might be a good little stocking filler for all the tea lovers you know. 

Visit Teapigs

Visit Bird & Blend

Teeth Whitening 

We suspect that some people will receive various teeth whitening kits this Christmas season, either bought from our online shop or other retailers online. we would encourage our patients not to purchase random teeth whitening kits from unreliable sources. 

Instead of buying an unreliable kit online that could actually damage your teeth instead of whiten them, why not treat them to a teeth whitening procedure by one of our Neem Tree dentists? Our fast and effective treatments are not only 100% safe but are also an excellent way of making a significant improvement to the whiteness and overall health of their teeth. 

We also offer other cosmetic treatments if you’re willing to splurge a little more on a loved ones Christmas gift. These treatments include, smile makeovers and orthodontics. Give us a call today to arrange the perfect dental Christmas gift for your loved ones!

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Spa Day 

We also offer cosmetic treatments at our Wandsworth practice. We have a secret spa downstairs with all COVID precautions in place where you can get manicures and facials. Give us a call and we can figure out what gift options are suitable for you. Spa day for one? Or even a girls spa day, we have various options available to suit you.

Our special Christmas deals include :

Brow tint and shape with lash tint combo – Usually £60 Now £50

AHA face peel – Usually £75 Now ONLY £55

Call us on +44 7975 552257 while we have some appointments left! 

We hope that these Christmas gift ideas help a little when it comes to choosing presents this year. Please remember that we are still open and we ensure a COVID-safe environment for all your treatments.