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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Bridges
  • long term solution
  • replace tooth
  • Excellent aesthetic results

Avg. treatment time

1.5-2 hours

No. of treatments

2 - 3

When teeth are lost to extractions (or in some cases absent from the beginning) there tends to be a gap present, and in some circumstances this can be problematic due to a loss in function, unsatisfactory appearance or a place where food can get stuck.

A bridge functions to effectively replace the missing tooth with an artificial one (much like a crown) that has customised “wings” which attach to the teeth either side of the gap. The construction process and materials used are the same as in the fabrication of crowns, with the additional “wings” which attach to the teeth either side.

Despite the revolution of implant treatment, bridges still provide an excellent long term solution to replace gaps. Furthermore, they form an excellent interim restoration during implant treatment.

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