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A full arch restoration is a procedure which replaces an entire arch (or jaw) of missing teeth using 4-6 implant screws and a fixed dental bridge or denture. A full arch restoration can be used when the jaw bone cannot support All-on-4 implants.

Smita Mehra

A word from Smita Mehra, Principal Dentist

If you need any full arch restorative procedures, we boast extensive experience in prosthodontics, ensuring skilled and expert care to achieve optimal outcomes in comprehensive dental restoration. We have several specialists in implantology at the Neem Tree who will find the best solution for you.

If you have suffered the loss of all your teeth or have been told that the teeth have a poor prognosis, a full arch restoration supported by dental implants can be used. These have the appearance and function of real teeth. The best choice for replacing multiple missing teeth, this treatment gives you a full, long-lasting set of replacement teeth restoring your confidence and smile.

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Full arch restoration is an excellent alternative to a removable or full denture, replacing your missing teeth by using a prosthetic bridge that will be permanently fixed into your upper and/or lower jaw using at least 4-6 dental implants.

Full Arch Restorations at the Neem Tree

We provide several options for you to restore and replace missing teeth to ensure you choose the best option for your smile.

This treatment differs to the all-on-4 treatment as it generally requires at least 4-6 implants to achieve a successful outcome. Full arch restoration is used in cases where there is not enough bone or space in certain areas of the jaw bone to perform an All-on-4 procedure, which requires placement of implants in a specific position and angle.

These implants are then rigidly connected by a metallic bar to increase the rigidity and stability of the implants. The fixed prosthetic bridge is then attached to the metallic bar/implant combination. This makes the treatment more reliable, comfortable and natural than removable dentures, which can be embarrassing and difficult to maintain

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Fee Guide

Dental Implantsfrom £1,500
Dental Implant Crownfrom £1,250
Dental Crownfrom £895
All on Four Dental Implantsfrom £12,000
Sinus Augmentationfrom £800
Implant Bone Graftingfrom £800
Full Arch Restoration (per jaw)from £12,000

Learn more about full arch restoration

What is a full arch restoration?

A full arch restoration is a procedure that replaces the entire arch or jaw of missing teeth.

What is the full arch restoration procedure?

Your treatment begins with careful planning to ensure that your jaw is suitable for receiving the implants. This typically involves a CT scan to assess your jawbone structure. Where there is insufficient bone for dental implants to be fitted, we can perform bone grafting using specialist materials that promote bone regeneration. For upper jaw full arch restoration, we can also carry out sinus augmentation surgery if the sinus is found to be limiting the available space for dental implants.

Once your jawbone is ready for treatment, the implants will be placed and following this, a temporary bridge will be fitted so that you can leave the practice with a new set of teeth on the same day. The temporary bridge will allow you to get used to the new tooth positions, test the speech and assess the aesthetic appearance of the teeth before the final permanent bridge or denture is made. That way any adjustments that need to be made can be incorporated into the final permanent bridge. Once your implants have fully integrated with your jawbone, your permanent bridge will be fixed in place and your smile and confidence restored.

An alternative to a fixed bridge is an overdenture which clips onto the implants and is a flexible cheaper alternative. It works the same way a bridge does but is removable and needs to be cleaned regularly. These tend to be more stable than normal dentures but tend to be slightly bulkier than fixed bridges

Does it hurt?

No, there is very little discomfort involved in the procedure as your dentist will give you anaesthesia. 

Advantages of full arch restoration.
  • Improved speech ability
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Improved bite
Disadvantages of full arch restoration.
  • Risk of infection
  • Damage to other teeth
  • Delayed bone healing
Will I be sedated?

Your dentist will give you anaesthesia before your treatment begins. You can discuss in detail with you, what type of anaesthesia or sedation will be best for you. 

How long do they take to heal?

Full recovery after a dental implant surgery can vary from 3 to 6 months. You need to give implants the proper care and time to allow them to successfully fuse with the bone in your jaw and be a secure foundation for your new teeth.

Is a full arch restoration right for me?

If you have missing teeth that are making you feel self conscious then book a consultation at the Neem Tree today! If it is a case of restoring just one tooth for a full set we will advise you on the best treatment options for you.

Does it look natural?

The idea of a full arch restoration is that it replaces missing teeth with natural looking synthetic dentures. These are specifically designed to look and function like natural teeth.


All-on-4 is a treatment which replaces a whole arch of teeth my anchoring a denture using 4 implant screws.

Bone grafting
Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that builds up the jaw bone to act as an anchor for a dental implant.

CT scan
A CT scan is an x-ray that allows us to take 3D digital images of the entire mouth.

Dental bridge
A dental bridge is a stationary dental application fixed to the teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. Cemented to supporting teeth or implants. Often referred to as a fixed partial denture.

Dental Implant
A dental implant is a screw-like metal rod that is planted into the gum to act as the anchor for an artificial tooth, such as a dental crown or bridge.

Sinus augmentation
Sinus augmentation is a procedure which adds bone to the upper jaw to support a dental implant.