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crown lengthening surgery

crown lengthening surgery

Specialist Periodontics Treatment

crown lengthening surgery
  • improve teeth appearance
  • effective teeth restoration
  • improve gum recession defects

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A crown or a dental cap is a form of dental restoration which has the purpose of fitting over a tooth for different reasons, them being either aesthetic or structural. When a tooth is cracked or broken, your dentist or periodontist may recommend a crown. This crown can also be used to complete different dental procedures such as root canals, bridges or dental implants. Dental caps have to be applied firmly to an existing tooth.

Your periodontist may recommend a crown lengthening procedure in order to perform a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure. Crown lengthening adjusts the bone and gum level in order to expose more of the tooth. This in turn will help in restoring the actual tooth.

When Might You Need crown lengthening surgery

This procedure can help when there isn’t enough tooth in place to hold the crown by itself. Broken teeth are especially at risk when it comes to attaching a crown. The procedure involves repositioning the bone and soft tissues. This enables successful restoration and aesthetics of teeth in both the posterior and anterior zones.

A crown that is properly fitted over the tooth helps in a better oral hygiene and also in more comfort. When it comes to aesthetic reasons, many people prefer to perform a crown lengthening surgery in order to alter what you call a “gummy smile”. “Gummy smiles” are a condition in which the gums are visible above the teeth when the person in discussion is smiling.

The time it takes for the procedure to be completed it depends on how many teeth are affected and whether both soft tissue and bone need to be removed.

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Crown Lengthening Surgery
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