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Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting

Oral health

Gum Grafting
  • gum disease management
  • replace gum loss
  • restore gums

Avg. treatment time

45 - 90minutes



No. of treatments

1 - 2

The management of gum disease has advanced considerably with new and innovative ways of replacing and restoring gum loss from gum disease. This can be done by using specialised bone substitute materials to replace the supporting structure of the gums.

Furthermore, using gum grafting procedures, gum tissue can be surgically transferred from one area of the mouth to another in order to correct certain gum deficits where gum has receded.

Gum Grafting: The Procedure

A range of gum grafting procedures can be carried out including treating recession defects, removal of epulis’ or other soft tissue lesions to assessing and treating soft tissue around implants. A full range of techniques are used. These include, Connective Tissue Grafting, Free Gingival Grafts, Alloderm/Mucograft Grafts, Grafts around the implants to reagin keratinised tissue.

An excessively “gummy” smile can similarly be treated by surgically removing the gum, revealing more tooth and resulting in an improved appearance.

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Gum Grafting
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