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A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance as well as the health of your entire mouth, including your teeth and gums, through various dental procedures like orthodontics, veneers and tooth whitening.

Smita Mehra

A word from Smita Mehra, Principal Dentist

A perfect smile makeover combines a range of treatments, from teeth whitening and minimally invasive composite bonding to Invisalign, straightening teeth and porcelain veneers. We have highly experienced dentists who can deliver an improved or completely transformed smile. In addition, we have an in-house lab for certain same day veneers and crowns (in Esher) which really speeds up your treatment if time is short.

A smile makeover can consist of many different treatments. No matter what your smile is in need of, here at The Neem Tree, we specialise in rebuilding your smile and your confidence! You will receive the highest level of cosmetic dental care at our clinics including the new generation of cosmetic dentistry using 3D digital scanning technology and our in-house dental veneers and crowns lab. 

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Amazing team at the neem tree! Great services provided throughout the treatment by the whole team. Very happy with the orthodontic … and cosmetic/ restorative treatment … I would definitely recommend this practice to my friends/family!

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance as well as the health of your entire mouth including your teeth and gums through various dental procedures. Not everyone’s smile makeover will be the same. During your consultation you can tell your dentist exactly what you want to achieve during your smile makeover. Your treatment will be completely personalised to your needs and wants. 

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Fee Guide

Composite Veneersfrom £650
Porcelain Veneersfrom £1,200
Dental Bridge (per unit)from £985
Dental Crowns (Anterior)from £985
Dental Crowns (Posterior)£1,200
Same-day Crowns – Anterior (Esher only)£1,450
Same-day Crowns – Posterior (Esher only)£1,200
Composite Bondingfrom £255

More on Smile Makeovers

What treatments are involved in a smile makeover?

Here are a range of fantastic treatments we offer to increase your confidence. 


Veneers are a thin porcelain that is permanently bonded to a tooth. Masking its colour, shape of positioning in the mouth. We used specialised techniques to create a natural smile that lasts the way nature intended for all your natural teeth. 

More about veneers.

Teeth whitening & stain removal: 

Often the first and often the easiest step to a brighter and whiter smile. Teeth whitening lightens the teeth and our air flow system is the best to remove stains and any discolouration you may have. 

More about whitening and stain removal.


Orthodontic treatment is a wonderful way to correct your smile and go for a complete makeover. We have various options that could suit your needs and requirements. Book a consultation with us today and our specialists will discuss the best treatment options available for you to completely makeover your smile.

More about orthodontics.

Other advanced treatments that we might use to restore and makeover your smile: 


Dental Veneer
A dental veneer is a thin covering that is fixed to the front of a natural tooth to either protect it or to improve the way it looks. Veneers are used to treat teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked or unusual size or shape.