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Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

Orthodontic Treatments

Invisible Braces
  • Teeth are aligned effectively
  • No sign that braces are being worn
  • More comfort than traditional braces

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While teeth are normally straightened during childhood or teenage years, it’s possible that adults will need help with correcting problems like an under-bite and aligning teeth to improve their smile.

The Team at Neem Tree knows that both adults and younger people can be self-conscious when it comes to using braces for straightening teeth.

Traditional metal braces are often seen as unsightly, and they can be uncomfortable to wear. This can cause people to be reluctant to have their teeth aligned. Invisible braces could be the answer for these people. They can be worn without it being obvious that braces are being used.

Why are invisible braces a good choice?

Invisible braces are created from clear plastic and are fitted to the back of the teeth rather than the front. This means that only the wearer can tell that braces are being used. Invisible braces are personal to the individual. Impressions of a person’s teeth are taken at the dental surgery. They are then sent to the laboratory where 3D imaging is used to create invisible braces that are designed to be a precise fit for the individual.

Invisible braces are not suitable for every person who needs to have their teeth straightened. This is why an orthodontic consultation is the first stage of the process. Speak to us at the Neem Tree and we will discuss invisible braces with you. We will advise you about whether this type of braces is the best choice in your situation.

Have you thought about Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a revolutionary new app that allows your orthodontist to track the progress of your treatment remotely. By taking scans of your smile with your smart phone, you can straighten your teeth without the need for multiple unnecessary appointments.

The Dental Monitoring software provides your orthodontist with a regular analysis of your progress, based on the scans you take on your smart phone from home. They can then give you updates, advice and even instructions on your treatment.

By reducing the number of times you have to come to the practice for a check-up, Dental Monitoring makes your invisible braces treatment faster, easier and simpler.

Try Dental Monitoring today! 

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